Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Wednesday, December 04, 2013

English: Wednesday Market, 08:53 The market al...
English: Wednesday Market, 08:53 The market almost completely set up and some trading already taking place. North of 474142. Next 484542 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I love Wednesdays, because this day accounts for the entire action for the week. Especially when it is the first week of the month.

As I wrote on Monday, I still see a major shorting coming up.

I am still strong on the short deal at 1.3601. The stop loss at 50 pips and the profit levels of 150 are good to me.

So, I am still strong on it and I am waiting for the announcements for the day which include the news announcemnts of Non-manufacturing PMI.

That will be the moment when this particualr open deal will be put to a test.

Luckily, I am stringent with the stop loss, hence I will not lose much even if my signal turns the opposite way.

So, there is nothing much to do except doing the classic wait and watch.....

and I shall update the outcome tomorrow.

Till then, have a fun trading day ahead.    

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