Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Wednesday, December 11, 2013

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I am just updating that my last deal of shorting EUR/USD at 1.3701 on Monday closed when the stop loss at 1.3751 was reached.

So, now the signals are as follows:

Sell at 1.3751 as well as 1.3801. I am not keeping an stop losses for these, though I do not suggest the same for anybody. I have funded my account well, so I would not see it blown up any time soon.

But each one to his/her own; hence a stop loss of 50 pips for both the deals will be fine.

There is a reason for me to go without a stop loss today. As per me, the market has achieved the highs for a long time now, and any time soon it will see the reversal of the long trend. Hence, any time a shorting trend will begin.

I will update the outcome as soon as it happens. Till then enjoy and keep trading.
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