Trading Signals for Thursday, August 9, 2012


It seems your long position on the pair EUR/USD must be going strong if you had followed my yesterday post. You must be earning a good pip on that one; or you must have already earned a great deal depending upon the size of your deal.

The mood of the market seems a little confused right now. So, I am refraining from getting into it, except for the one that is already open. In order to save our capital from getting negative, I would suggest moving your stop loss to the opening level of the order once the pair would surpass 1.2401 mark.

However, my revised entry orders remain as follows:

1. EUR/USD : Short at 1.2451 with stop loss 1.2491 and take profit at 1.2331
2. EUR/USD : Short at 1.2411 with stop loss 1.2451 and take profit at 1.2291
3. EUR/USD : Long at 1.2289 with stop loss 1.2249 and take profit at 1.2409
5. XAU/USD : Long at 1597.4 with stop loss 1592.4 and take profit at 1612.4
6. XAU/USD : Long at 1587.4 with stop loss 1582.4 and take profit at 1602.4
7. XAG/USD : Long at 27.70 and 27.50 and take profit at 30.0 and a stop loss as per your margin capacity
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