Trading Signals for Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It seems that the market could not ride much up since yesterday. Yesterday, it did manage to cross 1.2425, but now it is again below the 1.2400 mark. The weekly also suggests a downward trend.

Going by the long term charts, this is what I have done with my accounts for today; have a good day at trading.

My trades as an entry order for today are as follows:

1. EUR/USD : Short at 1.2451 with stop loss 1.2491 and take profit at 1.2331
2. EUR/USD : Long at 1.2341 with stop loss 1.2301 and take profit at 1.2461
3. EUR/USD : Long at 1.2289 with stop loss 1.2249 and take profit at 1.2409
4. XAU/USD : Long at 1593.4 with stop loss 1588.4 and take profit at 1608.4
5. XAU/USD : Long at 1583.4 with stop loss 1578.4 and take profit at 1598.4
6. XAG/USD : Long at 27.60 and 27.40 and take profit at 30.0 and a stop loss as per your margin capacity
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