Trading Signals for Monday, August 13, 2012

Today a week has passed since I started writing this trading journal. All through the week; 2 of the 3 of my triggered deals ended up in a loss. That is fine since there was a firm stop loss at its place, which was never altered.

Looking at today's charts it is not so clear to gauge the direction of the market. Therefore, the trend cannot be established. However, following are the deals that can put in an entry mode.:

1. EUR/USD : Short at 1.2331 with stop loss 1.2371 and take profit at 1.221
2. EUR/USD : Short at 1.2411 with stop loss 1.2451 and take profit at 1.2291
3. EUR/USD : Long at 1.2209 with stop loss 1.2169 and take profit at 1.2329
3. EUR/USD : Long at 1.2109 with stop loss 1.2069 and take profit at 1.2229
5. XAU/USD : Long at 1605 with stop loss 1600 and take profit at 1620
6. XAU/USD : Long at 1595 with stop loss 1590 and take profit at 1610
7. XAG/USD : Long at 27.50 and take profit at 30.0 and a stop loss as per your margin capacity

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