Trading Signals for Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It is the mid-week and the almost near-end of the first month of the year. Time indeed just flies. And with the ongoing time, my entry order also hit the trigger. So, now I have 2 short orders running on my forex platform. The recent opened one is giving a profit, while the earlier one is showing a loss of about 50 pips. But since secure stop loss is adhered to, I do not need to worry much.

Now, awaiting the first Friday of the coming month, February, that falls just 2 days from now. That day will decide as to whether the bull run will gain more momentum or it is going to be the reversal of the trend, suggesting an end to the upward trend that started from the month of August.

So, look out for the trend, my friends. From then on the strategy will take a lift, till then the orders remain as it as they were on the start of the week on Monday.

Just adding one more entry order, considering the heavy pull upwards, which is as follows:

Sell at 1.3558 for 300 pips, with a stop loss of 100

Happy Trading.
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