Trading Signals for Thursday, January 31, 2013

Another entry order got triggered, and the first entry order closed with the stop loss, making the loss count to 1 as of now. Now awaiting for the other 2 open orders to close, hopefully with the Take Profits placed :)

Going by the long-term charts, there seems the end of the bullish trend. The Dollar Index is also showing an upward trend towards its average of the month i.e. 79.97, currently it is at 79.3, which is just slightly up the lowest of the month at 79.21.

If not today, then tomorrow the bearish trend is going to begin, and I am all for it.

In case it does not, I suggest going in for another entry order as follows:

Sell at 1.3608 for 300 pips, with a stop loss of 100
Sell at 1.3658 for 300 pips, with a stop loss of 100

P.S: Currently no predictions for the commodities, awaiting the U.S. data that will release tomorrow.

Happy Trading!!

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